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REVO™ System

REVO™ (Rapid - Expansion - Volume - Options): Design concept developed by Urban Xplorer® whereby functionality of gear is increased via the integration of customization and purpose.


More than just an incredible looking bag

Via the integrated REVO™ system design, the owner of an Urban Xplorer® bag has the unique ability to physically expand or contract the size and functionality of the bag as needed. This innovative design system provides UX gear customers with the opportunity to buy the specific UX bag that appeals to them and then customize it to fit their own unique style and functional requirements.

Size Matters

Sometimes smaller is more convenient and other times you need a little extra packing space. For example, the standard configuration of the HalfPack is 13”H x 17”W x 7”. However, when additional storage space is required just add the extra items into the bag, fold the flap up higher, and lengthen the front adjustable straps. This will increase the bag's carrying capacity by an additional +30%. (Both the SoHo BackPack and HalfPack incorporate REVO in its design concept).

Further Customization

Another option to expand functionality of the HalfPack is by storing the detachable BackPack strap in the hideaway sleeve and attaching the long shoulder strap (included in purchase of HalfPack) thereby changing the look and feel to that of a messenger style bag. It even functions like a briefcase and can be carried by the genuine leather wrapped handle.

Additionally, a Seattle Stuff Sack™ can also easily be added to further customize the bag. Simple and Quick! No need to pack an additional daily bag for weekends or long hauls just expand the volume of the bag and GO! ...additional accessories are being created.

REVO™ it