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Give X Back- An Urban Xplorer initiative that was created to give back to the communities it is a part of through supporting programs that enhance a person's life experience.

My X Spot - Theme of Urban Xplorer's Instagram® that provides a way for fellow Xperientialists to share their X Spot photos and inspire others to Xperience it. 

NylonUX Ballistic Fabric - Proprietary 1680D fabric that has exceptional tear, abrasion, and puncture resistance. It's a nylon fabric that is soft, weatherproof, and stain resistant.

NylonUX Classic Fabric - Proprietary 1000D fabric that is resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions. It's a nylon fabric that is soft, weatherproof, and stain resistant.

REVO (Rapid – Expansion – Volume – Options) - Design concept developed by Urban Xplorer® whereby functionality of gear is increased via the integration of customization and purpose.

Urban Xplorer® - Modern day explorer who seeks the thrill of experiencing life via discovering new destinations, cultivating new relationships, and/or being a part of the experience. An Urban Xplorer understands that the experience is just as important as the destination.

X Spot- A place or experience that allows you to escape everyday life and/or allows you to indulge in something that nurtures one's soul.

Xperience - Unique personal journey

Xperience it - "unique personal journey" + "it" = Live it.

Xperientialist - Someone who experiences life to the fullest and believes that life experience is the basis of all knowledge.